The Teacher Development Trust is an independent charity, founded by teachers, dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of children by ensuring they experience the most effective learning. We are raising awareness of the importance of professional development and building tools to help teachers to transform their practice and achieve success for all their pupils.

The Trust believes that demand for professional learning should be driven by the aspiration teachers have for the children they teach and the passion they bring to their work.

We are determined to bring about radical improvement in the quality of the ongoing training that teachers receive based on the evidence of what creates effective learning.
Our Approach

There is now strong international research that describes the characteristics of successful teacher professional development. At the Teacher Development Trust we are working with the entire education sector to promote these principles by:

Stimulating demand for high quality professional development through our National Teacher Enquiry Network, a partnership of schools developing world-class, evidence-informed professional learning;
Ensuring access to high quality training provision via our free database, GoodCPDGuide, and encouraging providers to attain high standards via our quality marks and community reviews;
Providing tools and networks to help schools engage in high quality collaborative teacher enquiry;
Publicising and disseminating research, and campaigning to raise the status of professional development.

Our Work

Our work is underpinned by the key principles of effective teacher professional development and learning, which must:

maintain a tight focus on pupil learning needs with ongoing rigorous evaluation of outcomes,
be applicable and relevant to the teacher’s current classes, and contribute toward whole-school development,
be collaborative and teacher-driven,
be sustained over a period of at least two terms (and ideally more),
involve regular external expert input and build on the best existing practices and understanding.

Our Vision

In 10 years’ time we would like to see:

1. Teachers engaged in continual professional learning in order to help each young person they teach to succeed to the full

The link between a continual professional learning journey for teachers and improved educational outcomes for all is proven. In 10 years’ time our vision is that this learning journey will involve:

A flexible career structure that allows specialist or generalist routes through classroom practice and/or leadership.
Recognition of great personal professional learning and achievement, success in raising young people’s attainment, engagement with pushing the boundaries of pedagogical practice and transformative support given to colleagues across the system.
Organisations within areas such as primary education, mathematics, special educational needs, etc. working together to create common accreditations and career pathways.

2. School leaders prioritise professional learning in order to help children succeed

Teachers are given the space and time to collaborate, reflect and continuously improve their practice.
Improvements are teacher-led, driven from the bottom up and secure whole school engagement.
More time is given over to professional collaboration in order to effectively diagnose pupils’ needs and strengths and to enable teachers to use ever better teaching approaches to address them.
Teachers have more time to contribute to a national evidence base of effective professional practice as well as being able to draw on this for their own practice.
Time is saved to facilitate these changes by making careful choices about total teaching hours, large group teaching and levels of staffing. Also through creative timetabling to release staff, reducing time spent on meetings and monitoring-led activities, and by re-allocating time spent on traditional CPD to more effective approaches.

3. Every school within a national network of professional learning. Great practice is jointly developed, transferred and embedded.

The best schools, experts and organisations in a range of disciplines are highlighted in a national, system-led, peer-assured database of leading practice, supported by a network of brokers.
Practitioners draw upon (and contribute to) readily-available sources of leading evidence-based approaches, confidently engaging with high quality research and evaluation.
Teachers across the country support and constructively challenge each other to be better
Innovations are evaluated, scaled, and disseminated.